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Meaningful Brands

The Power of Social Content: Jamal Edwards, Twitter, Spotify, Foursqure, Base79, a bespoke cocktail – the Marga Tweeter – and a Ukulele band called The Mother Uckers

Last night saw the cafe crammed with people who came to the agency to learn about the Power of Social content from some of the biggest companies and names in social. Below is a quick run through of the best comments, soundbites, facts, videos and points.

Amy Kean, Head of Consumer Innovation, MPG Media Contacts  started her presentation with the slogan made famous by artists and staunch feminist Barbara Kruger: “I shop therefore I am”.

“Despite this not being meant in a positive light – it was actually created to challenge issues around identity and consumption – social media makes this phrase relevant.”

The presentation itself was based on research carried out by MPG Media Contacts (which was turned into an infographic) which showed that brands need to make their sites more social and learn lessons from real life.  

“Historically e-commerce and social existed into separate worlds. Shopping online is quite solitary – driven by practicality and function, however, shopping centers are social. People hang out there. Online needs to be the place for window shopping and this can be driven by social content.

“Blogging is dwindling, influence is declining. Type of content people want online is all about recommendations from friends and visuals.”

Ian Samuel, Commercial Director UK, base79, looked at the value and power of social talent.

“Don’t think anything been done to understand what volume and influence is of social talent. It is important to brands because not only are they talented and creative but they have audiences that are same scale as many major websites.”

Here are his 9 commandments

And here is a video introducing YOMYOMF which has more than £7 million views.

However, it was his guest that everyone was waiting for – the 20 year old entrepreneur and owner of SBTV, Jamal Edwards who gave us an insight on where he is pushing the business next and a little glimpse into his life.

“I want to expand from music to find new talent from everywhere. I bring a mixture of new talent and existing talent and I want to start doing that in different areas like fashion, sport and art. I’ve been talking to people like Anton Ferdinand and the artist Rankin and trying to find commissioners in each area.

“I’m also going to split every channel up creating diff strands from each one but they’ll still have the SB name, so fashion will be Style Britain and US channel will be Stateside Breakthough.

“I have to do this to keep the audience happy. Young people are discerning, they clock stuff straight away.”

Jamal on:

That Google ad: “When I got the e-mail I thought it was spam.”

Richard Branson: “He’s the most inspirational person I know.”

Meeting Dr Dre: “I was waiting outside Camden round house trying to get through back door. I met his SVP of marketing and ended up on tour with them in Asia. I had to drop everything the next day and ended up on a private jet. I was living the lifestyle.”

David Rosenberg, Business Development, FourSquare UK looked at three features of the company and how they can affect brands.


This is a new vertical that has never existed before. Traditional advertising is well trodden. Anywhere is world you can touch your consumer. Steve Wozniak is the best person in the world for TIPS.


Lists allow brands to give followers a handy mobile guide for all the places they should try out

Local updates.

This is a 4 month old product. We don’t think there’s a good enough mechanism for small business owners to give relevant messages to customers in a way they can be sure it won’t get lost in breaking news.

Local updates are geo fenced. This could change how people interact with local environment

Pilar Barrio, Head of Social, MPG Media Contacts talked about being Meaningful in social (a subject very close to our hearts).

“In social, brands create content to get praise from consumers. But consumers want more than that. They want to be respected and listened to.

“Brands in social media behave like robots.”

Are social brands like Rachel?

“The Problem with social data is consumers fear how invasive it is. Twitter can tell us a lot about people. Some people use Twitter data to identify psychopaths

“Transparency is key. Any piece of content needs to be honest and humble. Stories still matter.  It’s what drives social and creation. We should create content with our consumers, not just from us. We need to create an action.”

Bruce Daisley, UK commercial Director, Twitter while making some great points, listed as bullets below, he was really memorable for his impression of Samuel L Jackson when reading this tweet. It was pretty passable and a great use of the MF bomb.

  • Twitter is shortest distance between you and what interests you most
  • Twitter moves brand messages further and faster
  • Twitter is the shortest distance between brands and what interests their consumers

Nick Chiarelli, Key Accounts Director, The Future Foundation decided to talk about the fascinating thought of “Simple Complexity” and gave us 5 ways in which social and the way people interact with it is changing.

Accumulation of social capital

A posh word for bragging. Social media makes us all braggarts

Social capital.

All data can be this. Consumers will start to place a value around data they save and look to be incentivised for sharing it. 35 per cent see it as a bargaining tool.

Gamification of price.

Social media gives marketers the way to be flexible with price. Consumers love it.

Performative leisure

Consumers and viewers are not just passive any more. They want to be involved. the marriage of hardware and software of consumer mindset.

Digital etiquette

Some people saying in some situations maybe we’re going too far. Needs the right tone of voice and right level of intrusiveness, or not.


The night was then rounded off with cocktails and the Mutha Uckers

And for those that made it all the way down here, here is the best video we were shown on the night.