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Is ‘Banner Blindness’ Spreading to the Facebook News Feed?

In many ways, our time spent on Facebook starts to blur together. On any given scroll through the News Feed, people can expect to see a similar mix of content: baby pics, “Which [Thing From Your Childhood] Are You?” quizzes, snow photos, memes, people dancing (either really well or really poorly), and thought-provoking articles.
According to a recent study from…

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ABCs analysis – Men’s Magazines

It’s easy to claim there were no surprises this year in the Men’s market, with the same headlines coming up again. Free distribution continues to dominate, the premium end of the market remains very stable, and the lads’ mags of the noughties (FHM, Stuff) continue to dwindle. Declines Year on Year across print and digital range from just 1% (Sport) to almost 20%…

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If It’s Not A ‘No Make-up Ice Bucket Mankini’ Then We Don’t Even Care

Likes, Shares, Follows, Favourites… If you’re lucky enough to work in marketing, as I do, you’ll know how obsessed advertisers have become with these small signs of approval. For example:
“Our Bank Holiday picture of a rabbit got 100 Retweets! A measure of success! Campaign virality!” says everyone in social media, all of the time. But this doesn’t just apply…

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iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit: 10 Things to Take Away

Last week I spent a day at iMedia’s Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit. I turn up at any conference with the word ‘data’ in it with some trepidation. Thankfully, this was an event that was free of data-hyperbole. There was a refreshing focus on the broader context in which data is applied to marketing, how brands are practically making use of data to improve user…

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The only way is ethics?

On 29th January I had the pleasure of attending two marketing conferences. The first was the iMedia Summit where I interviewed Marc Mathieu of Unilever on his views on a data driven marketing approach. The second was the Advertising Association’s annual conference LEAD.
At both sessions, there were some common themes and consensus around the fact that the advertising…

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The Big Interview: Paul Frampton on the future of digital

Havas Media CEO Paul Frampton is in a bullish mood. As the energetic leader of the ‘smallest of the big six’ media agencies (his words not ours) he sees a very bright future for those able to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape.

It’s something the 17-year Havas veteran has been working on incessantly since he took the helm 16 months ago and hot off…

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The future of video and its consumption

Audio/video (AV) media has long proven to be effective at building and maintaining brand health – and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. What has changed is the way in which consumers watch AV content, and, subsequently, the opportunities available for advertisers to reach this audience.
Television isn’t dying, and, while there has been some decline in viewing…

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Can brands be integrated with charities without sparking controversy?

In light of Remembrance Day and the nationwide admiration for the striking Poppy installation at Tower of London, here at Havas Media we were wondering where brands can stand within this realm? Can brands align themselves alongside charitable and political events?
I once read a philosophical treatise in a book that boiled down to “there’s no such thing as a…

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Technology is making us rude – so how should brands respond?

I have a horrible confession to make. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend because he complained that I used my phone too much. In the middle of conversations, while we were waiting to be served in a restaurant and as soon as I woke up in the morning. So strong was my attachment to this small, yet infinitely connected 5-inch device, that in the choice between him and it,…

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Today’s modern media tussle; organic vs native

Few folks that I spend time with in the UK media industry have much time for the terms native advertising or organic reach. Native is dismissed as the new advertorial and organic is most often confined to a SEO and social context only. I would contest however, that the tension between these two emerging trends is fundamental to how media will be planned and bought in the…

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