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Meaningful Connections

Hyundai debuts the contactless car in innovative charity drive for CRUK

Self-driving cars may be creating a storm in the press these days but let me be the first to educate you in the latest in motoring wizardry: the contactless car. Yes, this week Hyundai unveiled the world’s first car that allows people to make charity donations simply by tapping the car with their credit card – much as they would pay for goods in a store.
This week…

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When high utility meets high end: our expert dissects the latest chapter in the Amazon story

When Amazon released its quarterly financials recently, it also referenced the introduction of a series of private label clothing lines that are set to hit the site. Interestingly, Amazon is already the number two clothing retailer in the US, and the total proportion of fashion sold online is increasing every year (up 17% in the US in 2016).  While high street sales…

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Mobile-First Retail

By Patricia Lopez, Head of Mobext UK
With 81% of all UK adults owning a smartphone and spending 60% more time on their smartphone than on any other device, it’s now a matter of course that mobile is crucial for every brand. Statistics indicate that by 2020, two-thirds of all online retail will take place via a mobile device. This reinforces the reality that mobile is…

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The State of the UK radio landscape following the latest listening figures from Rajar

It’s that time of year again, when the Rajars – the quarterly UK radio listening figures – are released and the industry enters a period of intense analysis. The Rajars tell us not only the reach and listening figures of individual stations but also give an insight into what is happening in the wider industry: which DJs are flavour of the month, how commercial…

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Content is everywhere but the vast majority is clutter…

With consumers ever exposed to a dizzying array of content on a daily basis, it is hard to stand out. This is a huge challenge for brands who are increasingly investing in content.  The sad truth is that 59% of the content produced by brands in the UK is not very meaningful.
The latest wave of Meaningful Brands has put a spotlight on content, testing over 30 different…

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What’s Your Brand Footprint?

Our latest Havas research again highlights the importance of being a Meaningful Brand. Beyond financial rewards, we know that Meaningful Brands generate significantly higher brand perception KPIs and more positive impressions.

With much of our decision making around every day purchases being governed by ‘system 1’ thinking, understanding how people really feel about…

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Keep emotions at the heart of the advertising experience

I’m an early bird, I motorbike 50 miles daily, it empties my mind, engenders a trancelike state of concentration and sometimes allows a moment for reflective indulgence.
Today, with bluebird skies emerging overhead, I asked myself, in my converged agency world, what’s the single biggest differentiator?  What makes an idea, a campaign, a product, a service, a…

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The rise of the innovation program

Innovation has become the little black dress for corporates, especially this past year. The go-to solution when everything else fails, a safe trend to follow and a must have for all. However very few have managed to end up on the best dressed list with it. To implement an innovation program successfully, corporates need to commit time and resources, and overcome…

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Social commerce: do you buy it?

We know that social media is a hugely impactful influencer of buying decisions. But how many people actually want to then go on to buy in social?
With brands growing their advertising spends, platforms trying to find the next big thing to draw in new users, and ever more data available to target those users, it’s becoming more of a challenge for advertisers to pinpoint…

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From binge to brunch: How a change in spending reflects our changing values

It’s official – as a nation we’re swapping binge drinking with brunch and hangovers for hotels. For the first time since records began, average household spending on alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics has hit a historic low of £11.40 per week, in stark comparison with the historic high of £45 per week on restaurants and hotels, according to recent figures from the…

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