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Looking at the pros and cons of tag tracking

Tag management solutions
Tracking is commonly looked upon as a simple way of measuring campaign success, preventing audience overlap or weeding out poor performing media partners.
The simple truth is that tagging has not developed at the same pace as the media channels themselves. They are relatively singular in their measurement, reflecting separate, discrete events…

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Investment in human understanding is vital

The Q1 2014 IPA Bellwether report reveals the largest single upward upwards revision to marketing budgets in 14 years of data collection, marking the sixth successive quarter that marketing budgets have been revised up.
As the economy recovers, we are seeing sustained optimism return to the marketing and advertising industry.
For the last year the Bellwether report has…

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Once upon a time…

…Well actually last week. I read about Mark Zuckerberg’s proposal to use drones, satellites and lasers to beam internet to the two thirds of the planet who aren’t online. A partnership between Facebook, mobile companies and organisations, promises to make web access affordable for everyone. I read on and came across Google’s Project Loon…

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Musings from European Adweek: Taking Chances

It was inevitable that mega group One Direction would get a name-check at some point during the 2nd annual Advertising Week Europe – and it came during Havas Media Group’s session with producer and director Morgan Spurlock. Spurlock and Havas Media Global Managing Director and  UK Chairman Dominique Delport were on stage discussing the impact of technology on…

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Learning from tech start-ups and succeeding by mattering (not just marketing)

Statisticians tell us the economy is looking up, as does the PM’s Twitter account. Yet the average person on the street isn’t (yet) feeling quite so buoyant.Looking back over the decades, challenging times have bred incredible entrepreneurship – and this era should be no different. So what’s the hallmark of the entrepreneurs today? And what can marketers learn from…

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TouchPoints 5 to provide active consumer insights from passive data

Researchers are not known as a particularly excitable bunch – you’ve seen a big increase in user numbers – that’s lovely, but is it statistically significant? You have a fantastic new way of presenting questionnaires – great, but will it lead to respondent bias? That data visualisation is very pretty, but I think a flat bar chart would allow an easier…

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Moving from “storytelling” to “storyliving”

Welcome to the second instalment of my blog about waning trust in British brands. You’ll recall that I left the last blog by suggesting that brands need to operate on a more human level. My rally cry was for businesses to consider how they can play a larger and more meaningful role in improving people’s day-to-day well being.
Our Meaningful Brands research study…

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Storytelling could well be taking your brand down the wrong path

On Monday this week, yet another survey emerged highlighting the waning trust that the British population have in business (brands). The Edelman Trust Barometer report analysed the level of trust consumers have in brands and showed that in the last year, the amount of people who trust business “a great deal” has dropped from 17% to just 10%.

That same evening,…

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Happy Christmas Jumper Day

As you can see, we are fully supporting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day here at Havas Media!
We also wanted to take this chance to tell you about a great campaign from Westfield and our sister agency Arena, who are going ever further to support the cause and get us in the Christmas spirit. For every blogger who takes a ‘selfie’ in their favourite…

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Why is it so hard to make people care?

I’ve started to care about caring A LOT lately…
Largely because (in what could be a landmark move) Lily Cole and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales have together launched – a new social network ‘dedicated to giving and receiving’. Does this mark the start of a new, altruistic era?
The premise of the platform is quite simple – people post wishes…

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