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Meaningful Brands


Meaningful Brands® is the first global study to show how quality of life and wellbeing connects with brands at a business level and measures the benefits brands bring to our lives.  It is unique in both scale and scope; covering 1,000 brands, 300,000 people, 34 markets across 12 industries, with the UK study covering 168 brands and 19,429 consumers.

The research covers all aspects of people’s lives, including the roles brands play in society (contributing to the economy or employment), in our personal wellbeing (healthy lifestyles, connectivity with friends and family, making our lives easier, fitness and happiness) and product performance (price, quality and other marketplace drivers).


The top line facts

– Meaningful Brands can gain 46% more Share of Wallet than less Meaningful Brands
– Top Meaningful Brands deliver marketing KPI outcomes that are double those of lower scoring brands
– Meaningful Brands outperform the stock market by 133%, with the top 25 scorers delivering an annual return of nearly 12% – 6.7 times that of the STOXX 1800 stock index


top 10 sectors

Top 10 Meaningful Brands


Return on Meaning  is the measurement of the potential business benefits gained by a brand when it is seen to improve our wellbeing and quality of life. Brands that contribute significantly to our quality of life are rewarded with stronger business results – they earn what we call a “Return on Meaning. This provides us with the first unified tracking tool for CEOs and Marketing Directors. It measures the impact of increases in a brand’s meaningfulness and how it affects each marketing KPI, the brand’s Share of Wallet and its performance on the stock market.


Why Meaningfulness Matters

The relationship between brands and consumers is broken. Most people would not care if 74% of all brands disappeared for good. Only 28% are believed to add value to our quality of life and wellbeing and in Western Europe, only 44% of brands are trusted. Even where levels of brand trust are high, for example in Latin America at 69%, Meaningful Brand contributions to improving our quality of life and wellbeing fall well behind at 38%.