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Disney infinity 2.0 Live without limits


Improve Clarks’ ‘cool’ factor amongst 5-8 year-olds in order to increase sales of kids’ shoes.


Kids want immersive experiences that capture their imagination and entertain them. Going shoe-shopping is not always an entertaining experience…


We partnered Clarks with Disney, one of the most meaningful kids’ brands in the world.  Through an immersive platform within Disney Infinity 2.0, we created a campaign that came to life across Disney TV and digital channels, with a suite of truly engaging assets that Clarks could also leverage across their full suite of owned media.


By offering a free gift with purchase and making Clarks cooler to kids, we turned shoe-shopping into an entertaining and rewarding family experience.

Our innovative ‘Play Without Limits’ partnership generated a 32% uplift in Clarks’ brand awareness amongst 5-8 year-olds, a 37% increase in ‘Cool Factor’, and a 69% increase in brand likeability. Sales duly followed, with products featured in the campaign seeing a significant uplift.