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Hyundai Programmatic Posters

ocean_hyundai_holland_park_roundabout_1-1Brand Challenge

Brand perception – To launch the IONIQ; a car that represents the future of driving – sustainable, fun and accessible. Hyundai is not seen as a particularly innovative brand; an issue when it comes to electric power in motoring. Introducing Hyundai to this segment would start with improving brand perception for innovation.

Human Insight

Our cynicism and mistrust of brands means the UK is very much a ‘show me’ as much as ‘tell me’ market. To be seen as an innovative brand with progressively minded car buyers, we needed a gesture of innovation within our campaign, that could complement our content, that tells the story of Hyundai IONIQ as the car of the future.

Meaningful Connection

So we used the future of outdoor – a programmatic poster. In a media first, we partnered with Ocean Outdoor to use their Vehicle Recognition Technology (VRT) to serve bespoke Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) creative based on recognising high CO2 emissions and competitor vehicles, at sites in London and Newcastle.


Over 5,300 bespoke messages were served on VRT posters; overall, the campaign achieved all key objectives:

  • Improved brand perception – for being “innovative” +35%, “progressive” +28%, “for someone like me” +72%
  • Support initial sales – Car sales exceeded the campaign target set by 9%