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Jameson Irish Whisky

Joining the Lads

To move Jameson from a spirit for ‘Dads’ to one for ‘Lads’ (broadly Men 25-34). Our objective was to drive uplift in core brand metrics, increase saliency and increase relevance to our lads target.

We needed Jameson to effectively become ‘one of the lads’ by breaking into the lad-appropriate drinking occasion that we termed ‘beers with the boys’:those sociable, sometimes spontaneous catch-ups with friends in bars and pubs.

Our strategy was called ‘Joining the Lads’. This would use an innovative approach to OOH, to give Jameson a presence in ‘beers with the boys’ moments.
We worked with data start-up Locomizer to build a bespoke ‘Lads Map’ of the UK, exposing key geographical hotspots to reach our target audience, which would enable us to plan a lighter and longer-term OOH campaign in the most relevant locations.

The top-line results show that this campaign smashed the objective of driving uplift in core brand metrics to increase saliency, and increase relevance to our lads target.

· We increased ‘brand you see more of (national)’ from 2% to 13% (+225% higher than target) to improve saliency.
· We increased ‘brand for me (national)’ from 8% to 16% (+60% higher than target) to improve relevance.
· We increased ‘on trade consideration’ from 13% to 21% (+40% higher than target) to help drive sales in bars.

These results highlight the positive business effect of taking an innovative approach to data-planning in OOH to deliver location selection efficiency. It allows an ‘always-on’ presence, with greater geographical penetration, impacting longer term changes in target audience behaviour through relevance and authenticity.