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The Brand Challenge
The Cornerstone division at Penguin Random House were faced with a changing consumer lifestyle. They launched Bookshots, a series of thrill-seeking, highly energetic books that took on average 44 minutes to read. Our objective was to reach commuters with this offering.

Human Insight
Our real world insight found that whilst commuters are searching for news or entertainment, they are increasingly unsatisfied; the realm of the ‘unsatisfied swipe’ now persists on trains and buses throughout the UK.  We observed that commuters are forced to scroll through a multitude of uninspiring content before finding a topic of interest.

The Meaningful Connection
In order to connect with commuters on their journey, we partnered with National Rail & the Underground. We used impact and DOOH formats, plus DAX to build a broadcast element, so that commuters could engage with the campaign both in the physical commuter environment or audio listening on their mobile or tablet. We worked with Facebook to ensure we gained presence within users feed whilst the ‘unsatisfying swipe’ was taking place.  Finally, we worked with Widespace to ensure we had presence on commuters mobile and tablets with a Full-takeover format across a range of publisher sites- a media first.

The Business Outcome
Results showed the campaign to be a storming success.

  • Facebook activity performed exceptionally well, delivering a CTR 150% above the Publishing benchmark.
  • Our use of a Widespace media-first format achieved fantastic engagement rates, smashing engagement benchmarks for similar high impact formats by 250%
  • DAX activity drove a fantastic listen through rate of 93.91%, which allowed us to reach over 1m users with an incredibly low cost per listen.