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What We Do

Connected Services

We deliver a full range of connected planning and buying capabilities across all forms media communications. We provide clients with senior, joined up and strategic leadership, ensuring brilliant delivery and execution in every channel, both traditional and emerging. Our structure and investment in specialist expertise reflects the changing needs of our clients, covering not just paid media but owned and earned channels, creative development and site experience as well.

Meaningful Connections Planning

mc process

The Meaningful Connections Planning™ process is fluid to adapt to varying client needs and business situations. Whether it be through online, TV, mobile, social, video, print or experiential, our process enables us to understand, design, activate and optimize the most influential touch-points for different consumer, market, business and category needs.

In order to ensure global consistency, a common approach to communications planning means every market has a clear framework for delivering outstanding planning and cut-through ideas at both a local and international level. Our Meaningful Connections Planning™ process is used across all of our 126 markets.

This process is designed for inter agency collaboration, as we believe when there is strong involvement from partners, we can improve the overall campaign performance and scalability.

Crafting big ideas

In a constantly evolving  industry,  reflecting that evolution and innovation is essential to keep up with the changes that happen on a daily basis across the industry. We stand apart from other agencies in the way that we have invested in a dedicated Ideas Team that work across all clients, approaching creativity in a playful yet structured way, constantly looking at new ways to differentiate and innovate.

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We have many unique and effective tools and techniques that harness creativity in ideas sessions, and we root everything in our client’s business challenges and importantly, meaningful consumer insight. A team of young and enthusiastic Ideas Catalysts from across the business have been trained in this art, which means we have a great resource to run best in class ideas sessions. For us it is all about being brave with our creativity and ensuring we remain constantly curious to all the inspiration around us.