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WebNarrative is a multi-disciplined team with over 15 years of consulting expertise in optimising, designing and building web and mobile sites. These experts build solutions to deliver the optimal ‘user experience’, thereby ensuring the most seamless and efficient contact with our clients’ consumers.

Creating a more meaningful “Customer Experience”

We believe in taking a data driven approach to creating responsive customer experiences. Our consulting approach recognises that building a more meaningful experience means adding value to people’s busy multiple channel lives.

We are multi-disciplined DX team who specialise in user research, interaction design, information architecture, content, design and technical applications build (PC, Mobile, Tablet).

Consulting services:


Usability, User Research and Testing

Our approach, expertise and tools use data evidence to ensure that we understand the users and create a solution that’s centred around their needs (user centred design).

  • Expert website evaluations/reviews
  • Personas/scenario definition
  • In-house usability lab testing, remote testing usability suite
  • Requirements gathering, content models/strategies


Multi-Variant Testing and Optimisation

Our Multi-variant expertise and testing platforms allow clients to test conversion improvements (page design elements, whole pages or sections). Our technology platform monitors and maps user behaviours, thereby identifying & removing conversion barriers.

  • Strategic MV conversion consulting
  • MV/AB Conversion testing (Maxymiser Strategic Partner)
  • Behavioural research/content personalisation/targeting
  • Data analytics monitoring and measurement


Creative and Design

We take a user centred approach to creating and improving the Customer Experience, ensuring that the design solution works seamlessly across all channels.

  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development/testing
  • Rapid low & high fidelity prototypes
  • Prototype testing and development
  • Responsive design solutions
  • Technical presentation construction (HTML/CSS)


Technical build

  • LAMP stack and .NET Web Content Management System Frameworks
  • Browser based technical application development
  • Technical architecture/specification
  • Technical testing/Quality assurance
  • Hosting and technical support
  • Managed technical environment/hosting services (SLA)